About Us

Zoltan and Agnes

What can you know about us?

We are Zoltan and Agnes, live in sweet harmony in Europe, Hungary – next to the Lake Balaton that you see on the background. We are both artists and nature lovers, we like hiking and biking too.

I’m not only a professional painter, I’m also a graduated librarian and drawing teacher in a local high school. I teach my students how they use their fantasy, tell them about history of Art, rate their works and at the end help them to pass through the final Exam 🙂

I’m a mechanical technician, painter, graphic designer and webdesigner with versatile personality and a wide range of interest. I’m also a creative handyman who repairs everything around the house that goes wrong and I also love recycling and upcycling of course. Mainly I use junk and unused things to create something unique, useful and valuable – with some fun  🙂
I always liked to experience different art techniques and styles, experimenting, playing with materials. One day I thought I mix my professional experiences with my creativity, manual skill and the spirituality of recycling and in this way I became recycling – upcycling artist. When I work I always try to make something interesting, exciting and individual and I like to add some fun in it too 🙂 That’s why I chose the name “CreativeFunny” for my webshop!
Beside of recycling and upcycling art I’m a graphic designer and webdesigner. For example this complete Creative Funny Webshop is made by me 🙂 I welcome requests in this area too (complete of partial redesign).

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