Refunding surplus shipping cost
If you buy more than one item and we can pack them into one package, you don’t need to pay for each. We recount your shipping cost by the items’ gross weight and refund the surplus amount to your PayPal account – and we always inform you about it of course.


  • you buy 2 pairs of earrings and the system counts the shipping cost two times. We can send them is one package for one shipping cost, so we refund the second shipping cost to your PayPal account.
  • you buy 1 home decor item, 3 pairs of earrings, 1 ring and 1 necklace and the system counts 6 shipping costs for you. Don’t worry, with a good chance all of your items can go into one package (jewelries next to the home decor) for one shipping cost, because the earrrings, ring and necklace are easy weight small items. In this case you need to pay only the home decor’s shipping cost and we refund the remained five small items’ shipping cost.
  • you buy 1 home decor and 1 table clock item and these are both in the wight limit “up to 1000 grams”. The system counts 2x “up to 1000 grams” but we can pack these items in one package with gross weight “up to 1500 grams” that’s cheaper than the cost of 2x “up to 1000 grams”. In this case we refund the difference to your PayPal account.

In a nutshell, you can save money if you buy more than one item.

Packing experience
We have extensive experience in packing and posting. We pack and post items very securely for years in different shape, weight and dimension so your parcel make with special attention because the item you buy is our creation and we consider it as our “child”.

Shipping time
Generally we posts on the next working day but sometimes the same day. If your order arrive on weekend, we can post only on Monday morning.  Your item always posted as a registered and priority package. It means you need to verify the receiving with your signature. Typical shipping time is about 5 working days to Europe and 10 working days to outside of Europe. Some delay may occur.

Information about posting
Once your package is posted, we will send an email to inform you, your package has shipped. This email contains the tracking number too. Generally you nothing to do with this tracking number just “goot to know”. If you have a problem with delivery, this number helps to your local post officer to look after your package in the system. You can also track your package on the internet (limited service).

You can track your parcel at with the tracking number we sent. Please note, not every country supported in tracking service (mainly outside of EU). In this case you can track your parcel just to Hungary’s country border with the message: “Item sent abroad”.

Packing materials
We use recycled and light weight materials for packing, such as used (but clean) cardboards, carton boxes, old newspapers and remained bubble foils, foam rubbers, styrofoam. For fixing, we use transparent adhesive tape. If we send your item in envelope (e.g. earring, ring, necklace) to protect it from tearing or opening we always fix its edges and close it with this tape too. Moreover, to protect the addressing from liquid or any dirt (both “From” and “To” fields) we used to cover these fields with this transparent adhesive tape – because we are very thorough 🙂

Weight control
While we assemble your package, we continuously control its gross weight. Why? Because the shipping cost depends of the parcel weight, that is come from the item’s weight + packing material’s weight (for this reason we use light weight packing materials). We always keep in mind that the packing need to be strong, safe but light weight.

Shipping service
Parcels shipped via Hungarian Post Office. This is our home postal service. They are reliable in international shipping for reasonable price.

Location of items
We send your item from Hungary, Europe. This is a small but beautiful country in heart of Europe with the capital Budapest.

Maybe you have heard about it, lots of invention derived from Hungary (without completeness): noiseless match, electric motor, carburetor, telephone exchange, vitamin C, cathode ray tube and completely electronic television,  thermographic camera, plasma television, holography, ballpoint pen, Rubik’s cube, etc…
More info about Hungary at:

International shipping
We ship internationally, we ship all over the universe  🙂 You may live in big city or small village, in skyscraper or igloo, on the Earth or on the Moon 🙂

Shipping address
In most of case the parcel goes far, so when you give us your shipping address for accuracy please check it double or thrice. If you have floor or door number also give us. We aren’t responsible for your wrong given shipping addres. If your parcel returned you need to pay the shipping cost again  – and sorrily you get your parcel very very late.
Your data in complete safety, for more info please read our Privacy Policy.

Packing  & Handling fee
There is NO packing or handling fee. We pack your item as safe as we can and post as fast as we can but we don’t charge extra fee for it. This service is absolutely free.

Shipping cost
Shipping cost depends on gross weight of the package. For small items we use Prepaid Envelope. It can be posted without weight limit if its content guarantees undamaged sealing and forwarding. Prepaid Envelope’s dimension is  6,4″ x 4,5″ (16,3 x 11,4 cm). We can put 1-2, perhaps 3 small items into one Prepaid Envelope to reduce your shipping cost.

Weight limits

Normal Envelope: € 5
Big Envelope: € 7

Parcel (if box):
up to 50 grams        € 6
up to 100 grams      € 8
up to 250 grams      € 10
up to 500 grams      € 14
up to 1000 grams    € 21
up to 1500 grams    € 28
up to 2000 grams    € 35

Heavy weight package
Above 2000 grams the package is “heavy weight” and its shipping cost is unreasonable expensive than the normal package (under 2000 grams). For this reason we always try to remain under 2000 grams with our creations’ gross (packaged) weight. But don’t worry, there is no problem if you buy more item with total weight above 2000 grams. We can send them in more parcel, each under 2000 grams. We always keep in mind that the packing need to be strong, safe but light weight.

Refund and Return
If you aren’t satisfied with the item you got, you have possibility to exchange or get refund. For more info about it please read our Refund & Return Policy.

Your feedback is the most important thing for us. If you had any problem with your item please write us at once to solve your problem as soon as possible. But if you are satisfied also write us your happiness to rejoice together! It would be very kind of you and we would very thankful for it! We show every kind feedback in our Testimonials with the photo from the bought item and the buyer’s first name and town. For example: “Mary from Manhattan, NY”
If you have a blog and write about us and your new acquisition you bought in the Creative Funny Webshop please send us your link and we also show it in our Testimonials next to your feedback. In this way you can get visitors from our site too – and we can help each other mutually.
We are waiting for your valued feedback!

Unanswered questions
If you have any question or suggestion please contact us with confidence at or via the Contact Us form. Your question and suggestion are very important to us, we answer to every message as soon as we can.

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