Harlequin, bozo clown lamp, laptop mood LED lamp from USB


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Clown lamp, harlequin bozo mood laptop lamp, desk lamp works from USB – recycled found object metal sculpture junk art table decoration

Creatively recycled funny harlequin, bozo clown lamp, laptop mood lamp, junk sculpture from some found object. Light comes from three pieces of high brightness LED, so you can use it as a laptop (or desktop computer, notebook) lamp on your table because it works from USB. Works on any device just a USB port needed. Plug & play, switch on its front part. When switched on, its “heart” gives light also. Very sweet! 🙂
Daytime, when the sun is shining usable as a pretty decoration. Your friends will surely admire it, because it’s not a prosy laptop lamp 🙂 But that’s not all! There are two more possible functions:

  • use as a jewel holder, prepare your earrings you want to wear on next day and when the morning comes don’t need to search about, here they are, just plug in & go! 🙂  Hang jewels only, not heavy things.
  • to increase brightness, put it on a glass bottle. May use coloured or transparent. If transparent, may put coloured things into (stones, glasses). In this case fix it with some transparent sticky tape. Note: don’t use liquid to fill!

Please note, this is a recycled clown lamp, laptop mood lamp for adults, not a toy for children. Pencil earrings, glass bottle and laptop only for demonstrating, not included.

Used materials:

  • tin can, red buttons and sunglasses’ stems for body & arms
  • plastic lampshade for skirt
  • milk frother for head. Decorated with keys, clasp, wooden ball, yellow bottle cap and some textile from a parfume bottle. Fragrance still perceptible from close 🙂

Height: 15″ (38 cm),
Diameter of bottom: 5,1″ (13 cm)
Length of USB cable: 34″ (85 cm)

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