Disc jockey vinyl wall clock from LP record and CD, DVD disc


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Upcycled Disc jockey vinyl wall clock from LP record and CD, DVD
disc – interesting mix of retro and modern

Handmade recycled vinyl wall clock from an old, vintage vinyl and a CD, DVD disc. I fixed the CD / DVD disc on the middle of the vinyl, in this way I mixed the retro mood with today’s modern technology. I made the numbers from small drilled holes and fixed white cardboard behind every “drilled” number on the vinyl. It makes the numbers more visible, readable.

Assembled with a brand new, very quiet and high quality clockwork (made in Germany) so it is bedroom friendly. It works with an AA size battery that is not included. There is a hanger on the back side.
I recommend this vinyl – CD, DVD wall clock for disc jockeys, musicians, retro feeling lovers and music fanatics 🙂

Diameter: 11,8″ (30 cm)


Awesome item made by a friendly guy on the other side of the world. My boyfriend LOVES this clock. It goes perfect in his music studio. Cheers!!
Alissa – Glassell, CA, USA

I love the clock! It’s exactly how it was pictured! And everyone who has seen it complimented it and wondered where I had gotten it!
Linh – Mobile, AL, USA

Buyers who have not left review yet:
Sophie – Cardiff, United Kingdom
Mariya – Palm Coast, FL, USA

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