Coloured dotted diamond shaped crayon pencil necklace pendant


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Geometric coloured diamond shaped mottled, dotted, spotted crayon pencil necklace pendant on leather – wholesale also available

Geometric diamond shaped cheerful style handmade pencil necklace, pendant from coloured pencils, crayons. Surfaces of the pencils are polished and painted with uncoloured odourless lacquer. When the lacquer dried, surfaces polished again with a very fine sandpaper as long as that is nice and smooth. Assembled with black leather, silver coloured clasp, rings and chains.
Color scheme only to present because combination of pencils may vary, two similar necklace made very rarely – but don’t worry, you get similarly mottled, dotted, spotted colourful necklace as the pictures show 🙂 The pencil necklace is a perfect gift for drawing teachers, artists, painters and people with artistic soul and colourful personality 🙂

Dimensions: 1,4″ x 2,2″ (3,5 x 5,6 cm)
Thickness: 0,55″ (1,4 cm)
Length of leather: 18″ (46 cm)

Wholesale purchasing also available!
Minimum order is 20 pieces/pairs – included any kind of coloured pencil jewellery (ring, earrings, necklace). If interested please ask for details.

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