Rainbow colored pencil barrette hair clip accessory for art teacher artist painter


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I made this barrette, hair clip, hair accessory from brightly colored hexagonal colored pencils. Arrangement of the pencils outer side are rainbow-like and random inside. So the sequence of colors are fixed, your rainbow color barrette, hair clip will same as on the pictures.
I polished the surfaces of the pencils and painted with uncoloured odourless lacquer, so it is nice and smooth 🙂 Assembled with silver colored hair clip.
I glued strongly the colored pencils to an arched base and riveted to the clip – taking care nothing protruding thing to bother your hair during use.

I recommend this handmade bright rainbow colored pencil barrette, hair clip, hair accessory for artist, art teacher, painter and everyone with colorful personality 🙂 Cheerful and easy weight wear all day long.

Dimension: 3,7″ x 1,8″ (9,5 x 4,5 cm)