PlayStation keychain from recycled memory card and plug

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You can buy these PS plug & card keychains in our Etsy Shop too.

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Recycled PlayStation keychain, accessory that must have for a PS fan!

Why PlayStation keychain? Because a bit of PS can always be with you! 🙂

Limited number of pieces! This is all the stock what you see on the pictures.
There is only one piece from every memory card keychain – it’s worth it to be fast!
You can see a front and a back photo from each PlayStation keychain.

I made this PlayStation keychain from recycled PlayStation console cable plug, memory card and some motherboard ribbon cable.

I didn’t tested the memory cards – maybe work maybe not. Ribbon cable fixed strongly mechanically and with hot glue in it. When I fixed it I didn’t make any demage on the motherboard of memory card. It’s imaginable they work with good chance – but not sure. Don’t buy it if you want a working PlaStation memory card and not a PlayStation keychain. It’s an extra feature if it still works 🙂
Cable plug PlayStation keychain is also light weight, because I removed the ferrite ring from the plastic cylinder. End of the cable turned back into this cylinder and glued strongly with hot glue.

If you are a PS fan, with this small accessory you can rise out from other PS fans 🙂
If you are not a PS fan, think on a PS lover 🙂 A real PS fan will love it surely.

Every picture made from the item, so what you see what you get. I will send exactly that you bought.

Full lenght of card keychain: 5.9″ (15 cm)
Full lenght of plug keychain: 6.7″ (17 cm)

You can buy these PS plug & card keychains in our Etsy Shop too.