Unisex flaming skull recycled shoulder bag from rejected fire hose




Unisex recycled shoulder bag pouch, satchel, purse from fire hose – pattern may different, flaming skull, Rebel, Empire sign from Star Wars

Recycled unisex shoulder bag from rejected fire hose, so this is not new just thoroughly washed 🙂 Front part decorated with a hand sewed pattern. On the photos you can see some sold shoulder bag with different patterns. Made one for a fireman with flaming skull pattern and some for Star Wars fanatics with Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire patterns.
There is a fibreboard brace bottom inside for the stable carriage and two pockets for smaller things (keys, phone, wallet, camera, etc…).
Made both by sewing machine and hand with srtong but elastic thread. Recycled unisex shoulder bag is assembled with black plastic hook and strong, black coloured shoulder strap with variable length. Fire hose is a very strong material and resistant to wear.

Dimension: 11,8″ x 14,2″ x 5,5″ (30 x 36 x 14 cm)
Strap width: 1,2″ (3 cm)
Strap length: 28,3″ – 51,2″ (72 – 130 cm) – variable
Pocket size: 3,9″ x 4,7″ and 7,9″ x 4,7″ (10 x 12 cm and 20 x 12 cm)