Recycled industrial workshop LED laptop lamp from garage, works from USB




Industrial workshop LED laptop lamp from garage. Works from USB, recycled found object metal sculpture junk art, table decoration

Creatively recycled mood, laptop lamp from an old retro industrial workshop lamp from garage. You can use it as a laptop lamp (or desktop computer, notebook lamp) on your table because it works from USB. Works from any device just a USB port needed. Plug & play, switch on its top part. With the switch you may choose to light one or two LED. There is a four port USB hub on its back side, you can connect here your devices – printer, usb driver, scanner, camera, etc… Its reflector part is adjustable, use it as a mood lamp or direct the light on your keyboard. Light of LED is pleasant worm white. Not recommended for permanent reading , light enough only for typing. Colour is matte black and silver.
Because this industrial workshop laptop lamp is a rarity, it’s a perfect gift for handymen or retro things lovers – who don’t refuse¬† the modern technology of course ūüôā

Please note, this is a recycled laptop lamp for adults, not a toy for children.

Dimensions: 5,9″ x 6,7″ x 15,4″ (15 x 17x 39 cm)
Length of USB cable: 20″ (50 cm)

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