Upcycled Welcome Home key holder, organizer from pad saw


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Welcome Home key holder from pad saw and key hooks, chains and bough

Key organizer, wall decoration, junk sculpture, assemblage. Creatively assembled wall key holder, key organizer from an old pad saw. There are five hooks on it, bended from keys. When you arrive home, a kind “WELCOME” word receive you that made from drilled holes – you can see the wall behind it 🙂

Key holder hangs on a bough of a tree, painted with uncoloured odourless lacquer. There are two pieces of hanger on its back side – from soda can ring pulls – so you can fix it securely with two pins on the wall – string used to hang on the demonstrating photos. Used an old pad saw, keys, chains, bough of a tree and soda can ring pulls to upcycle a very unique key holder to your home

Dimension: 21″ x 10″ (52 x 24 cm)