Recycled shoulder bag from military uniform with gold flower 2.


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Recycled shoulder bag from military uniform, jacket pocket with gold floral pattern decoration – pouch, satchel, purse

This recycled shoulder bag is an afterlife of a retired army officer’s uniform, jacket. The pocket and the gold coloured button original parts of the jacket. The pocket embroidered by hand with a gold colour flower, floral decoration to make the gloomy military colour a little bit funny. Assembled with a strong, black coloured shoulder strap with variable length. Closing with zipper, lining is the original jacket lining. Military uniform is a very strong an unique material and resistant to wear.

lower part x upper part x height: 12,2″ x 9,8″ x 11,4″ (31 x 25 x 29 cm)
strap width: 1,2″ (3 cm)
strap length: max. 47″ (120 cm) – variable
pocket size: 6,7″ x 7,9″ (17 x 20 cm)