Flower shaped coloured crayon pencil earrings 1.


You can buy these colored pencil earrings in our Etsy Shop too.

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Flower shaped coloured playful crayon pencil earrings, colourful mottled, dotted, spotted

Handmade flower shaped colourful pencil earrings from coloured pencils, crayons. Surfaces of the pencils are polished and painted with uncoloured odourless lacquer. When the lacquer dried the surfaces polished again with a very fine sandpaper as long as that is nice and smooth 🙂 Color scheme only to present because combination of pencils may pairwise vary, two similar pairs made very rarely – but don’t worry, you get similarly mottled, dotted and spotted colourful earrings as the pictures show 🙂 Assembled with silver coloured nickel free ear wires.

These pencil earrings are recommended for drawing teachers, artists, painters and persons who like unique creative and funny colourful artistic jewelries 🙂

Diameter: 1,4″ (3,5 cm)
Full length: 2,2″ (5,5 cm)

You can buy these colored pencil earrings in our Etsy Shop too.

You are very welcome! I am in graduate school on my way to becoming a Kindergarten teacher. I am obsessed with the Crayola brand and love anything with crayons or colored pencils!
Ashley – Front Royal, VA, USA

Thanks very much! The earrings arrived today they’re great!!
Katie – Prestbury, United Kingdom

I received them today and wore them! I love them. I got a lot of compliments so I referred them to your site on Etsy.
Kathryn – San Diego, CA, USA

Beautiful! I love them. I get compliments on them ever time I wear them.
Tereza – Jamaica, NY, USA

These are beautiful, unusual and just very cool. Love them!
Sequoia – Baltimore, MD, USA

Thanks so much! They were a gift for an art teacher. She loved them!
Catherine – Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

These are great earrings. I have to admit I was a little bummed when one from my last pair broke and the artist would not sell me another single to replace it. Still, I like his work.
Sequoia – Baltimore, MD, USA

This earrings has come to be my favourites in my collection of earrings :). Have got many complements for them of my friends. I like the contrast between wood and color.
Jeanette – Notodden, Norway

I bought these earrings for my daughter’s 27th birthday. They were exactly the sort of playful jewelry I was looking for. She really loves them. They are very creative, Jolly, and bring her a lot of joy. Thank you, Zoltan. -Shelly
Shelly – Annapolis, MD, USA

I love my pencil earrings!!! The are crafted so nicely! I can’t wait to wear them when I’m an Art teacher next school year! They were also shipped very quickly and Zoltan was wonderful to work with!
Jennifer – Clarksville, TN, USA

This original gift for my friend worked out exceptionally well, she loved it. I also liked personalized and unique wrapping.
Aleksandra – Edmonton, Canada

these earrings are Awesome! shipping took some time however the craftsmanship and quality where well worth the wait!
Forrest – Geneva, NY, USA

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