Green Beret soldier robot, USB LED recycled laptop lamp, mood lamp




Soldier robot recycled laptop lamp, mood lamp

Green Beret military intelligence, works from LED, USB, recycled found junk object metal sculpture assemblage.

Creatively recycled funny commander calling soldier robot mood laptop lamp, desk lamp, junk sculpture from some found object and electric parts. But how the electric bulb light? 🙂 Light comes from a high brightness LED that built into the bulb – it seems like the bulb gives the light but no, that is the LED inside the bulb 🙂 It works from only 5 volts via USB cable from your laptop, notebook or desktop computer. Works from any device which has USB port just plug & play.
The secret switch on its front part – the white square shaped part on the electric board . When switched on, a small green LED also lights up. Don’t worry, there is no high electric current in this board you may touch it without fear 🙂 Bottle caps at the bottom aren’t fixed, they are rotatable so the robot also rotatable around its axis. Arms are also movable but head and neck fixed.
Daytime, when the sun is shining use it as a pretty decoration. Your friends will surely admire it, because it’s not a prosy laptop lamp 🙂 And even, you may use it as a jewel holder! Hang earrings to its arms you want to wear on next day and when the morning comes just plug in & go! 🙂 Hang jewels only, not heavy things. PCB earrings and laptop only for demonstrating, not included! 🙂

Used materials:

  • tin cans for body
  • electric bulb, green plastic bottle cap, clothes buttons and zippers for head and face
  • eyeglass temples for arms
  • water faucet handle for neck
  • tin can, calculator mother board and electric wire for backpack

Please note, this is a recycled laptop lamp for adults, not a toy for children 🙂

Height: 12″ (31 cm),
Diameter of bottom: 5″ (13 cm)
Length of USB cable: 32″ (80 cm)