Rustic pallet silhouette portrait wall picture from your photo




Rustic style wooden silhouette, shadow portrait, wall picture from recycled pallet to order from your photo, individual artistic gift, home decor

These are just sample images! Yours make to order from yor photo!

If you wish a similar wooden silhouette portrait about you or your loved ones (children, parents, grandparents, pets, etc…) just send some side view photo in front of a neutral and light coloured background. Take the photos from the whole head with some shoulders – individually, not needed together. Make it as exactly side view as you can, otherwise the silhouette will be distorted. Take more photos and we will choose the right one. In 1-2 days we will send you a black & white silhoutte picture via email for preview. If you are satisfied we start the work.

This rustic style wooden portrait made from recycled pallet – there are two young couple on the photos. For more rusticity and artistry the traces of use left on the wood (smaller pin holes and bumps). Surfaces and edges of the pallet are polishead and painted with uncoloured odourless lacquer – while the natural colour of the wood leaving. When the lacquer dried the surfaces and edges polished again, so its touch is very nice and smooth. The silhouette picture is about 1″ from the wall, so it drops shadow on it, that makes the contour of portraits double.
Perfect gift for wedding or anniversary.

Dimensions: 18” x 12″ x 2″ (45 x 30 x 5 cm)