Colourful upcycled wall clock from playing card


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Colourful upcycled wall clock from traditional Hungarian playing card

Maybe brings your good luck at the card table 🙂

Upcycled colourful wall clock from traditional Hungarian playing card for card game lovers. Maybe this wall clock brings your good luck at the card table, but it doesn’t guarantee your victory just the exact time 🙂 Used a plastic bucket lid for base and a pack of Hungarian playing card on it. Decorated with gold coloured metal bottle caps, wooden balls and some Hungarian coins – which are already withdrawn from the money circulation. These worth are 1 and 2 HUF (Hungarian Forint).

Assembled this playing card wall clock with a brand new, very quiet and high quality clockwork (made in Germany) so it is bedroom friendly. It works with an AA size battery that is not included. There is a hanger on the back side.

Diameter: 14″ (35 cm)

Did you know?
The National Bank of Hungary withdrawn the 1 HUF and 2 HUF worth coins from the money circulation on 29 Feb. 2008. In this way the lowest worth coin in Hungary is 5 HUF now (approx.: 2,2 US cents at this moment). Moreover, there is no small change In Hungary – like US cent in the USA or penny in the UK. Its name was “Fillér” since 1892 but withdrawn in the year 1999. 100 Fillér was 1 Hungarian Forint. Use it still as a calculation unit (e.g. telephone usage fee, bank account money, exchange rate, etc.) but the physical units are vintage souvenirs only…

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