Fisherman catches the goldfish, upcycled sculpture from fish bite indicator


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Fisherman, fishing man, angler catches the goldfish

Junk sculpture from upcycled fish bite indicator and other found objects, home decor, assemblage.

Recycled fisherman, fishing man, angler assemblage from found objects, junk materials when catches the gold fish. Arms are movable but legs are fixed, fishing rod is pushable. Head is moveable a bit but not round and round just about in 15 degree left and right. Fishing rod is not fixed just inserted through the tin can opener (hand).
Golden fish is very sensitive to air movement, so it is almost always move a little bit and the light shining on it. Very interesting effect, spectacle 🙂
Perfect and very individual gift to a fisherman’s collection or on the working table, shelf! 🙂

Used materials:

  • head made from a rejected fish bite indicator
  • body from laptop charger
  • legs from water tap opener
  • foot from tin can of canned fish, bicycle tire and brown shoestring
  • arms from cabinet door hinge and tin can opener
  • fishing rod from a radio antenna, fishing line and a small safety pin as fishing hook 🙂
  • gold fish made from top of tin can

Please note, this is a creative and funny home decoration for adults, not a toy for children.

Dimension of fisherman: 6″ x 6″ x 11″   (15 x 15 x 27 cm)
Lenght of fishing rod: 18″   (45 cm)

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