Recycled tin can cat clock, desk table clock with crank arm tail




Pussycat, kitten, kitty cat clock with crank arm tail and retro style face – recycled table, desk cat clock, junk art, sculpture, home decoration

Creatively recycled funny table, desk cat clock from upcycled retro style jewels and other junk materials. The cat clock dial is recycled from a veteran Russian alarm clock 🙂 Besides of this used tin can, champagne plugs and tea spoons. Face made from retro style earrings, moustache from electric cables, tail from a crank arm – because it’s funny 🙂 You may put this cat clock  on your working table or shelf.

Assembled with a brand new, very quiet and high quality clockwork (made in Germany) so it is absolutely bedroom friendly. It works with an AA size battery that is not included.

Dimension: 6,3″ x 9,0″ x 9,0″ (16 x 23 x 23 cm)

I did get the package. They were in perfect condition. I now have them sitting on my desk since Thursday last week. I love them! Everyone loves them and ask where I got them. A patient that I work with brought in his 10 month old daughter and she spent close to an hour laughing and waving at the dog! Almost everyone that comes in has asked about them. When people first see them they usually will laugh or smile! Besides asking about where I got them, people comment about the ears being made out of a can of herring in tomato sauce! For some reason that meal doesn’t seem appetizing to most! I truly treasure them and will keep them in my office for others to enjoy.
Sarah – Peru, IN, USA
(she also purchased this Dachshund dog home decor)